Convergence Conspiracy Collective (C3)

Coming this fall: "The Lazlo Mission" -- a sci-fi/fantasy novel about how humanity dodged the worst bullet imaginable and manifested the hopes and visions behind the C3 mythos. By Mike Robertson

C3 is/was an art project started near the end of 2002 in the Mid-Missouri USA area. Part music performance ensemble, part video and other visual arts collective, C3 was meant to do four shows each year, around the solstices and equinoxes, for ten years. The final show was scheduled for December, 2012.

Though the project was never formally terminated, and the players and artists still gather on occassion to carry on their mad practices, the music performance aspect was discontinued in 2008 due to financial and creative exhaustion.

The project was structured around and propelled by a story: the fabled collapse of civilization, "predicted" by the Mayan Calendar, could be averted, and the human race lifted from its dangerous adolescence, if enough people would 1) believe it possible, and 2) celebrate its inevitability. Thus the collective tottered on the knife edges of foolish optimism and magical thinking. "Thoughts are things" rang out as its mantra. All of this was, amazingly, well before the movie "The Secret" came out, by the way.

The collective recorded each show in high quality multitrack format, then laboriously mixed down albums for each, labeling them simply as "V1" through V-whatever. Twenty-some odd albums were produced in miniscule quantities, one for each participant. These albums are rare and of remarkable quality, and are today quite the collectibles. Musically, each performance proceeded according to a simple set of rules: no prepared music; no songs; limited repetition (hopefully to prevent boredom, especially for the player); listen closely to each other and respond with feeling. The goal was spontaneous group composition, something far harder to achieve than improvisation. The ensemble reached this goal with surprising regularity, which you may hear on their albums.

As we approach December, 2012, the music is being collected and prepared for upload to Mixcloud. This site will also soon feature articles about the Collective, interviews, outtakes and rehearsal tracks, photos, lists of participants and guest artists, and other ephimera. If there's something you'd particularly like to see, drop us a note.

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